4 Top Tips to help you get to sleep

Being bed experts, here at myluxurybed.co.uk we love to make sure we get the best possible nights sleep. The quality of sleep you get can dramatically affect many areas of your life including productivity, relationships, stress levels and even your weight! Therefore it is important to ensure you are getting to bed at the right time. That said, sometimes we all have trouble sleeping once we are in bed. Sometimes, your mind just will not keep quiet and let you sleep!

So to help, we have put together these 4 top tips to help you get to sleep! 

1: Resist the urge to play on any electronic devices an hour before bed!

Not only are mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc a distraction from actually sleeping, the light they emit actually stops the pineal gland from producing melatonin; a vital hormone that when released, causes the body to feel sleepy. 

A good idea may be to charge your mobile phone away from your bed, or better yet in another room! Make sure you set aside time before bed to respond to any emails, check Facebook or complete any work you may usually do when in bed.

2. Try to get to bed at a regular time each night

Getting to sleep at a regular time every night helps programme your internal body clock to know when it should start to feel sleepy. Your body and brain respond well to routine so making sleep a routine will make it much easier to actually fall asleep. 

Everybody is vastly different when it comes to how much sleep they need. Some people can function perfectly fine after only 4 hours, others need upwards of 10 hours. On average, most adults need between six and nine hours sleep. 

You can test your own sleep needs simply by going to bed at the same time each night, and setting your alarm to wake you up at a different time each morning. Record how you feel in yourself when you wake up, and your energy level throughout the day. It is important to keep all other variables the same so not to introduce false results, but you get the idea. 

3. Make sure you wind down and get ready for sleep

Breathing exercises have been shown to significantly help relax your brain prior to falling asleep! Simply counting your breathes without allowing any thoughts to distract you is an incredibly effective way! Try this one and 9 times out of ten, you will be asleep well before you reach 100!

4. Buy a newer, more comfortable mattress 

It's no secret that sleeping is easier when you're comfortable. Maybe you just cant get comfortable and this is causing your trouble sleeping?

It's not often something most people would think of replacing. They often get used to how their old one feels, and with nothing to compare it to, they consider it normal. However, research suggests that changing your mattress after 7 years will likely improve your quality of sleep! Your back will likely thank you too!