The History of the Four Poster Bed

The four poster bed has been a classic British icon, representing style, wealth and power since as early as the 14th Century. Although it is believed to have originated in Austria, it wasn't until British noblemen exported the idea to England where it grew in popularity. 

Back in prefour poster bed with curtains-industrial Britain, homes (and castles alike) were often cold and draughty places, lacking any form of central heating. Though now representing style and elegance, the concept was originally born out of necessity. The canopy, or tester as it was known allowed curtains, or drapes to be hung around the bed which did a great job of keeping out draughts and helped keep the sleeping King and Queen warm throughout the night. 

It's easy to see why in such a cold country, the idea of the four poster bed would rise in popularity among the most wealthy of men and women. The four poster also provided the sleeper with privacy, which for royalty and ultra rich homes, was essential. Bedrooms were shared places in those days and the house servants would often share a room with their Lord or Lady, ready to serve as soon as they woke. 

The bed chambers of medieval England reflected how successful the inhabitants were. Only the most wealthy, noble and prosperous had a four poster bed, carved elizabethan beadsteadand it was a statement of luxury that only they could afford. Each one was custom made to the exact proportions desired, and for members of royalty, lords and ladies, extravagant four poster beds were essential. They would be intricately carved by the most talented of men available, detailing important signs, and symbols like the family coats of arms. The bigger, heavier and more intricately carved, the better. Other exotic materials were also added, as well as paintings with bright and colourful designs.

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