Helping the homeless in off the streets

A homeless man asleep on a bench with no shoes on. focused on his feetGovernment statistics show that more than a quarter of a million people in the UK are homeless, with shocking rates of 1 in 51 people in some areas!

As a nationwide company, MyLuxuryBed is on a mission to help reduce these statistics, and help support homeless people around the country. We are teaming up with a number of charities who help homeless people change their situation, rebuild their lives, recover their independence and most importantly, gain a home that is safe and secure.

With every bed we sell, 10% of our profits will be donated to homelessness charities, helping them to continue the amazing and life changing work they do.

Why MyLuxuryBeds want to help:

One evening, I called into a town-centre pub and noticed a man sitting alone with a shabby backpack on the floor beside him. The man looked to be in his late forties, was wearing several layers of jackets, and had a rough, neglected appearance. The pub was quite busy, so I asked if he minded if I sat at his table. He agreed and we began talking. He told me he was homeless and had no place to sleep that night. He had just arrived on the train from Hull and knew nobody in Darlington. 

He explained that his bag contained everything he owned. He had family up in Scotland, but having lost his job and unable to pay his rent, he had turned to alcohol, causing his family to turn him away. Having lost everything, 7 years ago he had boarded a train in the hope of finding a long lost love from his late teen years. With just a name to go on, he knew his chances of finding her were slim, but he was still looking!  Homeless, with nowhere to turn, he had survived across the years by begging, sleeping where he could, sometimes, he admitted, in police stations having been arrested. 

We talked until around 10:30pm. The pub closed at 11pm and I felt I wanted to help the man. I didn't know what to do. The only thing he seemed bothered about was buying more alcohol. He had nowhere to go, but instead of trying to find somewhere, he chose to blot everything out. It was a viscous downward spiral for this self-proclaimed 'piss head'. 

'Surely there's more to life for this man than this' I thought. I tried calling hostels and support services, but they told me there was nothing they could do; I felt helpless.  After numerous phone calls, at his request I took him to the police station and left him there. (Had I known about the national Streetlink service, I could have called them and they would have organized someone local to help him. ) 

By providing funding for homelessness charities, MyLuxuryBed are helping ensure that homeless people have options, and do not need to sleep on the streets. By buying your bed from us, you are helping to support the charities that give homeless people a future.

Who we're helping:



The 700 club, a Darlington based charity helping support the homeless

We have now teamed up with the 700 Club in Darlington, a fantastic charity that has been helping the homeless for over 20 years!

Find out more about them here:

The 700 Club has made a difference because it has:

  • Intervened around 300,000 times to prevent an individul sleeping rough or spending the night in an inappropriate location
  • Highlighted the plight, and been an advocate for, the homeless across two decades
  • Brought about a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Prevented, by working with partners, the need for anyone to sleep on the street
  • Helped individuals to regain control of their lives to become productive and valued members of the community
  • Contributed significantly to building the local community.

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To donate directly to the 700 club, please click here:

Donate directly to the 700 club in darlington and help make a difference to a homeless persons life


700 Club Head Office, Roadway House, Beaumont Street, Darlington, DL1 5SZ

Tel: 01325 366397   |   Web:

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