Moonrake Aristocrat 2800 Mattress

Moonrake Aristocrat 2800 Mattress

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Moonraker Aristocrat 2800 Mattress

* Two sided mattess and features 2 layers of 1400 pocket springs.

* This high quality mattress features wool, cashmere, silk and cotton fillings under the highest quality Belgian jacquard damask.

* The mattress has flag stitch handles and breather vents are fitted as standard.

* Available in medium to firm feel.
* Two sided mattress with 2 layers of 1400 pocket springs.

* 9" side stitched border.

* Wool, cashmere, silk and cotton fillings.

* High Quality Belgian Damask Cover.

* Turning Handles.

* Breather Vents. 

4’6” – W135 x L190 x D23 cms
5’ – W150 x L200 x D23 cms
6’ – W180 x L200 x D23 cms

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